Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Personalized Charm/Birthstone Necklace

I feel like I have been on hiatus this past week. My children were on winter break, so my days were pretty busy keeping them occupied. Other than that I did not do much , no new designs, no posts to my blog, and little promoting my Etsy shops:( Probably not the best decision since Valentine's is looming. But, I just needed a break.

With all that said, this morning I woke up refreshed, and inspired to kick it into high gear, and get back to my daily routines.

I have recently become interesting in stamping. I have visited Beaducation on several occasions, to watch the online classes, which are very through, I must say. Anyway for Christmas I asked for some stamping supplies, to get started. However, because of my late request only received my new supplies last weekend. So last Saturday and Sunday, I practiced, and practiced, and practiced. It's a bit harder to line those stamps up in a straight line than it looks, but I think that I finally have a good handle on it. So this morning, I wanted to make a little, simple personalized "Mom" charm necklace for myself.

I'm pretty happy with the turnout, for my first try. I do need to hone in a bit more on my skills. Mostly need to hit the stamps a harder and center a little better. But, all in all I'm pleased.
Next, I want to make a little something for my mom, who gave me the stamps and supplies. Hopefully she won't read my blog before I get this done:o

Eventually, I'd like to incorporate the stamping into my jewelry designs. I really excited about this new avenue and I'm looking forward to adding some more pizazz to my wirework.


  1. It looks great! Can't wait to see some more designs :)

  2. Looks great! totally know what you mean, I took a day off and felt horrible because I haven't had a sale in a few days!

  3. I think it is lovely and would never have guessed it was your first try. I might have to check into this myself.

  4. I love those stamped pieces! And the Mom necklace is cool. Hope to see more of your work.