Friday, January 9, 2009


Facted Aqua Briolette Earrings
Sienna Swirl Earrings

I absolutely can't believe that I have finally made it through this week!!
After a 2 week break school started back on Monday and so did everything else. It seems that when school is out so is everything else. So we go from being busy bees to a dead stop. I's my fault but I got out of my routine. I wasn't getting up at my usual time, and didn't miss driving back and forth to school one bit. So anyway, I am SO over taxiing my kids to and from school this week. I HATE riding in the car as it is, so a 2 week break really set me back. Also, my daughter's gymnastics resumed, my son started basketball this week, and to top it all off my husband was out of town this week. Very Stressful!!

But the good news usual I was visiting the community forums last night on etsy and I came across two other blogs that had featured something from my shop. Yeah! Rouge River Beads does a Get Inspired Challenge every week, so this week I submitted my Faceted Aqua Briolette Earrings, and they were chosen to be featured on the blog. In addition, Katwhitt features an etsy find of the day. On Wednesday, she featured my Sienna Swirl Earrings on her blog. I guess all the time spent at the computer promoting is worthwhile, but I like it so who cares.

The other good news is...I did get a chance to design a couple of new items this week. But, I have not had a chance to photo them yet. I oxidized and tumbled them today, so as soon as we have a nice sunny day I will get the camera out.
Stay posted for more...


  1. Beautiful earrings! Congrats on all the features! That is good news!

  2. those earrings are stunning! and how exciting to be featured!! congrats!

  3. I am crazy in love with those Sienna Swirl earrings!! They are truly amazing. Beautiful work dahling.