Monday, February 2, 2009

As Promised...

I did make a personalized necklace for my dear mom. I think that I will be making one for just about all the special ladies in my family. I think that they will appreciate a little something like this and it will help me to perfect my technique. So we all benefit!!

I started with a 7/8" sterling silver circle blank, then stamped "MOM" and I wanted to create more eye appeal with the asterisks, but I think that I got a little carried away:o Next, I punched the holes, added the charms, then oxidized. I'm happy with the way this charm turned out...I was definately a little more confident while stamping and the whole process seemed to flow better.

Also, check out my Sundown Findings shop for the daggers/charms that I created. I really enjoyed making these. The possibilities are endless with these. I made some more this morning and used them in an earring design. I'll be posting them later, either tonight or tomorrow.

Love Stamped Handmade Sterling Silver Dagger Charms

6 Hand Forged Stamped Oxidized Copper Daggers Charms

6 Unique Handmade Spiral Stamped Copper Daggers Charms


  1. I love the Mom necklace...what a great idea and the charms are really cool.

  2. Okay sis, I'll place my order now! How about, Big Momma! Ha,ha!!!