Monday, June 1, 2009

Bright, Bold & A Little Different

Bold Blooms Wirework Bracelet

I'm still on the rainbow kick...for my latest designs I have been using an array of colorful lampwork beads. I'm getting off the beaten path, I like to use all the same color lampwork beads in a piece...I tend to do the same thing, what can I say I like structure...same thing...same thing...then I wonder away for a while but eventually will work my way back to the same thing. I'm definitely wondering lately!

The funky wirework is the main focus in this bracelet. The lampwork beads are small spacer beads. I have been wanting to use them but I have really struggled with them because of their size. Finally, I came up with this bracelet and I'm really happy with the outcome.

This is a bright, funky, fun bracelet for the summer!


  1. Yes, colors! This is really a bracelet to get a little summer feeling. :-)

  2. A very fun bracelet! I love wirework, it is so much fun to do and always looks awesome!