Friday, November 13, 2009

Ida...Have Mercy

For the 3rd day in a row, the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida is pounding us! We are under a state of emergency. The state is literally plowing the sand off Rt. 1, schools are closed as well as many area businesses. Late yesterday afternoon the waves broke through the dune and were crashing on the road. I must say this is probably the worst storm we have had in quite a while because of the duration.

The weather is just terrible...not fit for man or beast...but my sister and I ventured out today to get some pictures of the ocean's fury. The pictures aren't the greatest because the lens was getting pelted with sand and water, but you get the idea.

But the good news...I've been productive at the bench. I'll post pictures when there is a glimmer of sunlight and I can get some decent photos.

Have a great weekend! I hope to be able to get out and clean up my yard this weekend!

South end of the Bethany Beach Boardwalk...there use to be a huge dune at the end of the walkway...this is where we use to get onto the beach

Lots of water under the houses in South Bethany...looks deep

Rubbish on the beach in S. Bethany...decks and remains of decks and stairs are scattered about

My partner in crime and Best Friend...she has a nicer camera than I do:(

Notice the water...then the dune...then the ocean...the waves have crashed over the dune and the water is trapped between the bulk heading (where the road is) and the dune...lots of water under all the houses on this stretch

The wind is blowing the sand, and many plants and the sides of some houses are covered

Penn Ave., Downtown Bethany Beach...a lot of the street look like this...and its still 3 hours before high tide...


  1. boy you are getting hammered... i am on the coast in nj - it's been bad, but i am guessing it will get worse as it moves north... this n'or easter is not playing around... i love going to the beach during a storm too!

  2. What wild weather! I hope it calms down soon. You sure where brave girls venturing out.

  3. How sad! "Storm, please let up. Poor Shelby needs to see the sunshine."

  4. I had fun going out with you today! And you are my best friend too! xoxo Heather

  5. Stay safe, Shelby. Hope the storm lets up soon! Water can do so much damage.

  6. On the radio this morning the dj said "You don't want to go to OC due to all the flooding..."...and now with your pictures I can see what they mean!! I'm sorry to see such devastation down there. It's really hard to believe..and a what a shame about the dunes. Good luck with the clean up this weekend!

  7. Shelby: I answer my own question. You got it really bad. I had water way up into my yard and about 10' from my studio door, but then it receded. The news was talking about the money they had spent on reinforcing the dunes last year ... all gone now! :( But glad you put your time to use at the bench!

  8. I'm so sorry to see the devastation you've suffered. We have family in So. Jersey and the last I heard it's headed there.
    Stay safe!

  9. Wow...I hope you are OK. It has been on the news up here in Canada. Stay safe, warm and dry!

  10. Oh my goodness, that's a crazy bad storm, you girls be careful. I hope you don't have a power failure... Looking forward to your next posting to know that you are okay....blessings - Julie