Monday, November 9, 2009

Is it Monday Already?

WOW! Where did last week go. Aren't there just some times where you wish there were more hours in the day? I have planned every hour of every day for the next two weeks. I don't do well under we'll see how this goes. Thanksgiving weekend, I am one of the artist's on the SEDAST (Studio Tour), and right now my life revolves around getting prepared for this event. This is a really big event in our area. I probably have enough pieces but I'd like to have a few more. So that will be what I concentrate on for the next 17 days.

I have been featured in two local publications. The Coastal Point, a local newspaper, had a really great article. Also, one of my pieces was highlighted in Delaware Beach Life, a local magazine. Both of these publications contacted me because I'm the newbie on the Studio Tour. I was happy to get the exposure, as I'm not really good about marketing my jewelry.

Last week was so busy...functions at school, hubby was away, a Holiday Fair this past Saturday to prepare for, birthday get the I didn't have much time to create...but I did craft a few new pieces. Take a peek.

Copper Sticks ~ Hammered Copper Wire Wrapped with Sterling Silver Earrings

I'm an earring maniac, and I liked these so much I'm keeping them for myself!!

Stormy ~ Lampwork Focal Wrapped in Sterling Silver

Turtle Bay ~ Oxidized Sterling Silver & Lampwork Bracelet

Don't give up on I may not be posting as often as usual...but I'm gonna do my best. Off to my bench...


  1. Congratulations on your being featured in the local newspapers! I hope your studio tour will be successful, you sound like you will have very busy Thanksgiving weeekend.

  2. Gorgeous pieces, I love those earrings. Good luck on your Studio Tour and please post pictures!

  3. Shelby,
    CONGRATULATIONS on your features!!! I read the first article about the studio tour...WOW, what an impressive group to join (another congrats!)....and a great picture of you, btw. Now I can see why you'll be REALLY busy. And planning every that is a hard-core approach! I should do that and maybe I'd get more accomplished! Good luck getting prepared and please keep us posted on all of the details leading up to it. :-)

  4. Love those Copper Sticks!! And don't forget to show us pictures of what you are doing at the bench!