Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color is Everything

As an artist, I gravitate toward certain colors over and over again. Blues and greens are not necessarily MY favorite colors but I find myself going back to these colors for my projects. Much of the inspiration for my pieces come from nature, more specifically the ocean. This comes from living so close to this vast expanse of water. I'm not saying that the ocean I visit is blue or green, more like a muddy olive color, but in my minds eye this is what it should be.

The ocean is the inspiration for my latest creation. These beads are polymer clay, yes blue and green with the added black for contrast which represents that dark color of the water. And the spiraling to represent the curling of the waves.
Water Spout - Polymer Clay & Sterling Silver Wirework Bracelet

Do you like to work with a specific color?


  1. I like to work with greens, mostly because I love green myself. But I also find that my pieces worked with green seem to appeal to others as well.

  2. Pretty! The beads and the wirework are a great combination. When it comes to colors, I'm usually drawn to whatever' on my table that day...I suppose I'm more on the cooler side of the color palette, but then there are two drawers of orange in my collection. Heck, it has been so long since I made anything...I need to get back in there!

  3. I love this bracelet! I am attracted to the same colors. I don't wear bright colors, but I love them in my jewelry.

  4. Great post, Shelby. I completely see why YOU would be drawn to blue! This bracelet is gorgeous...your wirework is always flawless. I'm drawn to blues and browns.... always those 2 colors. :-)

  5. Your beads are fabulous, Miss Shelby! And they are a perfect addition to your amazing wire work.