Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dreaming and other Random Happenings

Recently, a client requested a bracelet for a family member who has graduated college and dreams of working in an art museum in New York. She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted, I just had to make it happen.

I'm always a little anxious about creating a piece for a client. I want them to love it! as much as I love making it. So far no complaints, but there's always that what if? in the back of my mind until we meet. And today was no different, she loved the bracelet.

School is winding down:) Last week the kids had field day. I've always loved field day...I loved it when I was in school and I still get just as excited. They participated in lots of fun races and everyone got a ribbon for each event. Which is great, after all we can't all be athletes. My son's goal was to get a ribbon of each color so he could have red, white, and blue. And while the blue eluded him, finally the last event...1st place...a blue his ribbons would be the same colors as the American flag. He was SO excited! Touching, I can always leave it to him to come up with something kind of off the wall, but so meaningful.

Too cute, their both wagging their tongues:)

And tomorrow is our last day of school. Lots more fun events planned...I know because I've been busy planning cream social, water games, and a scavenger hunt. Hope you have lots of fun events planned for this week!


  1. I really really love that bracelet, and I am sure the graduate loved it too! The different links all together make it fun and interesting.

    Woohoo! See you at 'Hard Candy' class this September! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Great bracelet, I am sure the graduate just loved it as well!

  3. Beautiful wirework on the bracelet! I am sure the recipient was very happy.

  4. What a gorgeous wire link bracelet...I bet it was well received! I know what you mean about making a commissioned piece though..never know what someone has envisioned exactly - looks like this was perfectly executed! :-)
    Congrats to your kids for the end of the school year. My 3rd grader still has until next Thursday. We are looking for more camps down there, but for now they're signed up for a science camp in Aug.

  5. Gorgeous bracelet and the kids seem to be having loads of fun!