Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back from the Big Apple

So sad...our last trip for the summer:( But it was fantastic! The kids and I had such a great time and crammed the most into every day. We visited some great sites and exhibits but I was totally unprepared for the throngs of people everywhere we went, and the stunk! There's no sugar coating it, I'd rather smell farm aroma than city funk any day. Despite the unpleasantries, I'd love to visit New York again, there is still SO much more I'd like to see, not to mention the shopping. I'm thinking a visit during the Christmas season would be nice.

Our first stop...the Museum of Natural History. This was an all day affair and I still felt like we rushed through. There's so much to see and explore.

Day two...rain :(...but we made the best of it and trudged out for more site seeing.

New York City Skyline from the ferry

A rainy visit to the Statue of Liberty

The #1 reason for visiting NYC...Caleb was desperate to visit the King Tut exhibit. Very interesting, lots of wonderful artifacts.

Off to Time Square...I was in awe of all the people, lights, advertisements. We even went back the next day and I was gitty all over

St. Peter's was so beautiful! The architecture is amazing. I wished I had more time to stroll around in the church, but the kiddies were bored. Maybe next time they'll be old enough to appreciate the views.

the ceiling in St. Peter's

Day three...wonderful views of the city from high atop the Empire State Building

A stroll around Central Park

Balto statue

Home, home jigity jig

What a great experience!


  1. Shelby - Cindy Wimmer said you were helping out at Art Bliss as am I - already follow your blog but thought I would "say" hello! I live in Alexandria VA - plan to stay out there Friday night but will stay at home on Saturday. Looking forward to meeting you and other jewelry-making-obsessed folks in a few weeks!

  2. Looks like a great trip! I'm close enough to drive to NYC but have only been once. It is definately one of those destinations to keep going back to since there is so much to do and see there!

  3. I enjoyed reading about your few days at NYC. The kids will remember a good time

  4. How did I miss this post? What a great vacation, and your photos tell the whole story.