Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lovin' the Little Things

Ahhh...finally a few minutes to sit down and catch my breath. I've been running around like mad since the last time I checked in.

Thanksgiving was yummy and enjoyable. Not that it's not typically enjoyable...I think this year I had decided that I wasn't gonna get myself all tied up in a knot and stressed...and it will be what it will be! And it turned out fantastic...imagine that! That should be my new outlook I think...less stress would be nice. After dinner, I grabbed my little Christmas tree, turned on the Christmas music and went about tiding up my pool house, which doubles as my studio during the Artists Tour, to get everything ready to go for the big weekend.

The show was a great success. Friday morning, I was so busy buzzing around trying to get ready that I forgot to take any pictures. But the show was two days you say? Yeah...Ummm...same excuse for Saturday. Can you believe? So instead here are some items that sold...that I haven't shared yet.

So sad to see this go:(

I met so many wonderful new people and had a chance to chat with past clients, it's such a great time.

Now, to get in gear for the holiday season. There are tree's to decorate, shopping to be done, cookies to bake, and parties to attend! But, least I forget to enjoy the little things in life...like this gorgeous sunset, that I had the pleasure of enjoying last evening.


  1. But you know it is the little things that add up to a wonderful life. Glad you have decided not to tie yourself up in knots. And glad that the Artist' Tour was a success.

  2. I am so glad you had a great show...and it is easy to see why! Your pieces are stunning and so creative. I especially love the last piece with the awesome clasp.
    Enjoy the holiday season and all of its festivities with your family.

  3. Great to hear things went well at the show and you had a great holiday :)

  4. I always forget to take photos during the frenzy of getting ready for and during a show. Those pieces are lovely. I am not surprised they went to new homes. Now you need to breathe and take that same relaxed attitude towards the rest of the holiday season. Enjoy!

  5. So glad everything was a great success! These are some seriously beautiful pieces here Shelby!