Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrr...winter has sent in! It's early for us to be having such cold temps for this length of time. It might not be SO bad except that the wind is howling.

Friday night, we froze our tushy's off at the Christmas parade. My son's cub scout pack was in the parade. We were there early to help out putting the last finishing touches on the float. We were busy working, and the kids ran around. As the parade got started, we went to find a spot to stand while waiting to see the boys come by, and that's when it hit me...It was freezing! We made it through most of the parade, but ended up leaving early:( Just too cold!

That would be my son...looking away from the camera.

the float

Then Saturday, the kids wanted to go ice skating. Luck for us, the rink is inside at the Carousel in Ocean City, MD.

All of a sudden...Santa comes skating onto the ice. My son was enthralled with him, following Santa around, asking him all kinds of ridiculous questions. It was a hoot! but Santa was a good sport...God Bless him....but Santa wasn't such a great skater. Side swiped a couple kids, and ran into a few others, (try explaining that?) but he didn't fall.

That would be Caleb, carrying on a full conversation with Santa

Yesterday and today, I've been trying to get a few orders finished. But, I gotta tell you...BRRR...it's freezing in the workshop, and the little space heater just isn't cutting it!

It hard to work when your fingers will barely move. And even worse, I cut my finger with my saw, and didn't even know it. Yikes! I might just have to move inside for a spell.


  1. Yikes is right! Be careful :)

    My son's cub scout pack is supposed to walk in the Frederick parade this week too, but I think we are going to skip this year.

  2. This time of year can be challenging in the studio - mine (although inside the house, but at the end of the heating 'chain') also gets chilly and I hate to work when I am freezing. Our winter has also started off with a roar unusually early.
    Please be careful and take care of that finger!

  3. Love the pictures of the kids! This cold is keeping us from enjoying our "yard-time" the pups are getting anxious about their Natalie! We've had the old woodstove cranking so warm and toasty inside- just need some snow!

  4. Christmas and kids are what it is all about!

    Hope you heal soon!

  5. Cool kidlet pics! Zack has been ice skating twice, and I got a video on my phone that I HOPE turned out. As for cold parades, I did a 5K on New Years Eve at 10pm one year. Have NO idea what I was thinking. It was drizzling and icy on the streets.

  6. Okay Shelby, when you cut yourself and don't know it, that's too cold!! Burr, stay warm girl. Thank you so much for stopping by, and do build a box, its a blast. Take care, Riki