Monday, February 7, 2011

Did I Miss Something?

Last week was kinda a blur...Where did it go? I'm sitting here now, thinking...what did I do last week? I don't know, but that time has come and gone, and there are SO many ticks on my "to do" list from last week that I'm having to carry forward to this week...and that can't be good.

I did have a metalsmithing session last week, my third...and no project done yet! GRRRR! I was totally anticipating having the ring that I'm working on done. But, just so happens that while filing and area on the back, you know the part you don't see, I scratched the crap out of the silver. UGH! I was SO irritated with myself! So there I was, more sanding and polishing. No session this week, but I will totally have that ring DONE next session. Just a little more polishing which I'm going to work on at home and then bezel. Yipee! The pendant that I'm working on is pretty close too. The little petals that I wanted to do, I really like...but man, am I cussing them too. Maybe a little too ambitious for my first pendant. But it will look great when it's done.

Unfortunately, no new pieces last week, so this week I'm burning the midnight oil. A local gallery, The Artful Bean, where I sell some of my jewelry needs new pieces. Plus, I'd like to have new pieces photographed for the shows that I'm submitting application for.

I'm hoping to be a little more productive this week...I just hate it when I loose days like that, or maybe the little, green men came down and abducted me? Who knows.


  1. Wow, slow down. Sounds like you are on a roller coaster...time flies fast enough...I lost two days last week completely. But still managed to do some's amazing what we can fit in....all will get done....or at least I think so....have a great week.

  2. Shelby, time does fly by but metal smithing is one of theose things where practice makes perfect is what it is all about. Those bezels in the pic look lovely. Once you've got the technique down just think how much you can do. I can hardly wait to see where you go with your smithing!

  3. I took a metalsmithing class once, everything is so very time consuming. I am sure your projects will be wonderful when you are done.

  4. Your bezels are looking fantastic. And metalsmithing is work-intensive. That is why there is a three year apprenticeship for it here. Can't wait to see your finished pieces.

  5. Shelby, you really are accomplishing much more than you think! Just look at that progress in your metalsmithing class...WOW! I am so utterly impressed with what you are doing now!