Friday, February 11, 2011

Your Thoughts?

Alas, the sun has come out so that I can photograph a necklace I've finished, more importantly get your thoughts. I've gone round and round with the focal of this necklace. I was trying to accomplish a coiled, leaf shape around the lampwork bead. However, upon finishing it, I you see it?

The crook at the base of the leaf is off center...ugh! So then I fiddled, and fiddled some more but couldn't get it to look more centered. So now after all the fiddling, don't you think it looks kinda lopsided? So this leaves me in a I scrap the wire around the lampwork bead and try again? Oooo...cringe at the thought of wasting the silver. Then my hubby says the wire wrapping takes away from the think? Is less, more? My personal opinion is, I don't think it looks terrible, but am I happy enough with it to put out for sale? I don't know...what do you think?

On another note, today is our anniversary. This week hubby has been working "over the bridge," so last night he brought home these beautiful daffodils

this yummy cake...

and tonight we're heading out for a nice, quite dinner together.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have to agree with hubby - and happy aniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your romantic dinner together!
    I like the pendant as it is, I think the wire work acts like a frame around the bead and it does not take away from it at all. The bead was the first thing I noticed.

  3. It's lovely - I would buy it !!

    Happy anniversary !!

  4. I like the necklace. I think it is very pretty.

  5. I see gorgeousness...and a face in the bead :) Happy Anniversary! Lovely daffodils and cake!

  6. I like simpler, hubby wins on that one. The necklace is very beautiful nonetheless, and a big Happy anniversary! Are you sharing that cake?

  7. I would never have noticed it (and still am not sure I'm seeing it) if you hadn't said something. When something is "off", I just grandly say, with a sweep of my arm, "It's organic!" and there, that settles THAT!

    That cake. Not. Fair.

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Possibly the bead is a bit off center - I'm thinking maybe it has a large hole? But your pendant does not look lopsided - I'm with Lori - it is organic!

  9. Shelby, I truly understand your feelings... this happens to me when working with coiled wire. It is so hard to "mess" with it as any little kink will show. I agree with the above though and think it just goes with the leaf-look you were going for. I like organic and do not think it has to look "perfect". I personally like the frame look and think this necklace is gorgeous!