Monday, May 23, 2011

A Wedding, Jewelry & A Birthday

Where does the time go? The days all seem to run together with short intervals of sleep in between. It's Monday, then Friday, the weekend slips by, then Monday again...and round and round I go, as precious time slips by. Does time seem to slip by like this for you too?

As this past weekend slipped by, friends and family gathered for my cousins wedding. I was honored when she asked that I make her jewelry to wear on her wedding day. She was gorgeous!

A simple crystal and pearl necklace, and earrings with lots of bling.

And, my daughter was all too excited about being the flower girl. She was beautiful as well! Of course, I'm a little partial :)

While time has been slipping by, my baby boy has grown up right before my very eyes! Tomorrow is Caleb's 10th birthday! I can hardly believe it! Double digits!


  1. The pieces you made are just perfect for a bride. Sweet children, too.

  2. A beautiful post, showcasing your gorgeous jewelry, and gorgeous family! You are right, time flies, treasure every moment!

  3. Beautiful bridal jewelry, Shelby! Yes...time flies by way too quickly, there just does not seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done.

  4. Shelby, the bride was certainly beautiful in your jewelry! What a special keepsake.
    We both have 10 year olds now! :-) Yes, hard to believe - the double digits.
    I thought of you over the weekend, saw another poster for the show at a restaurant on Fenwick Island. I hope the show was a success! :-)