Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Got Sucked In

Typically I'm not one to really follow trends or the latest craze, but I fell into the latest feather frenzy. At the last art show, I was chit chatting and checking out my friend Dawn's newest jewelry creations, when a pair of earrings caught my eye.

The discs are dapped and enameled and she created a feather dangle with a spiral. Super cute...yes? They get lots of wear!

So I've been forced to eat my words, when I said that the feather "thing" is just nuts and I'll never "do" feathers. Never say never...

What I am a sucker for is handmade soap. I love this soap and I purchase several bars every year from Honey Bee Lake Apiaries.

It's made locally, using honey from her bees. Only problem is...I only see them at this art show and they don't have a website so when I'm out, it's for a long time : ( This year I was smart and got her phone number so I can replenish, amazing what happens when I use my head, LOL!

Purchases and getting to know other local artists is what I love about exhibiting in smaller shows. What about you? Do you prefer the bigger shows where there are a lot more attendees or smaller more intimate shows?


  1. The earrings are just wonderful! Gosh, I love a small show but a larger show has a bigger advertising budget and usually that means more people.
    I try to buy all handmade for gifts and shows are a great venue to do that, bartering is good too!

  2. Cute earrings, Shelby!
    You what they say, "never say never!"....I remember thinking that years ago about getting a mini van. And you can imagine what I drive. :-)

  3. Like you, Shelby, I don't follow trends. If I like something, I like it, whether it's a current trend or from the 1930's. Your feather earrings get lots of wear because 'you' like them. They make you feel good? I'm guessing they do. Plus. They 'are' really cute!