Friday, November 11, 2011


The majority of today was spent attending to the business end of creating. That would be the part that I don't like...photographing, editing, tagging, and pricing my new pieces.

This week I've been spending some quality, not quantity, time in the workshop! I am a member of the Southeastern Delaware Artists Studio Tour, which is a self guided tour of local artist studios, open the weekend of Thanksgiving. While, I'm feeling a little ill prepared...which always seems to be the case...I really want to present some pieces that I've created out of pure enjoyment, and not necessarily prepare for the masses. This means that some pieces are just a little different than what I usually create, but fabulous nonetheless.

I'm also trying to stay on top of adding a couple new items a week to my Etsy shop. This week it's earrings

I'm hoping that since I got all caught up today with the business end, that I can slip away this weekend and create a few more new pieces.

Have a great weekend!


  1. All of these are gorgeous! the first piece makes me drool! The birds are awesome, and the last pair with the wonderful autumn colors and rusty organic goodness are so sweet! Keep going!

  2. Looooooove the fairy wings. And it is great to beack. Missed you all!

  3. Hi Shelby
    Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while - been spending less time online for so many reasons. But I just have to say that each of your new pieces of jewelry are amazing. I especially like the chain-maille bracelet. It is very different and so eye-catching!