Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sea Creatures

I have long been intrigued by many sea creatures. Things can get a little hairy when we visit the aquarium. I'm the one you're running into and pushing out of the way when you're trying to get a glimpse of the jelly fish, coral, get the idea. I love to gaze into the tanks and take in all the vibrant colors, textures, and how graceful all these little creatures are. Same goes for the beach, I especially like to walk the beach after a storm to gather, and sometimes rescue, the starfish, conchs, sand dollars, sorry, I leave the jellyfish unless I can find a stick. I'm not the only one who love the little sea buddies! No surprise there, during local art shows I frequently get ask "Do you have anything ________?" Take your pick: beachy, with starfish, seahorses, shells, and the list goes on. And most of the time, yes, but it's usually a piece with Thai silver beads, or lampwork beads. Nothing that I actually fabricated, only put together. So recently I wanted to create my own beachy.

This pendant has been in the making for a couple months. Well not really, I just sawed the pendant out a couple months ago and it sat on my bench until I could decide what to do with it. And, just like that one day it all came together. I had the perfect Chrysocolla stone to set as the belly, added a silver ball for the eye, and textured the base. It's quite substantial at 2 3/8" in length. And I'm thrilled to pieces with it!

available in my Etsy shop

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!


  1. Just smashing! Love, love, love! I live in an ocean town and this little guy would get a lot of love around here. Well done and beautiful piece!

  2. Of course you're thrilled with it! It's lovely!!

  3. Amazing isn't it how one piece can come together so quickly after it has been there lying dormant. It's a lovely pendant and I really like the length of it.

  4. It's gorgeous, Shelby! I think you should keep it for yourself and make another to sell!