Thursday, June 7, 2012

Earring Swap Reveal

I know you've heard me say it a hundred times before...but I love earrings! They complete me! Anyhow, a couple weeks Diana of Suburban Girl Studio issued a call. She was hosting an Art Bead Earring Swap and was searching for participants who love earrings (me) and art beads (me).

This swap was loads of fun and I'm excited to have a couple pair of new earrings, in a style different from my own. But the best part of the swap for me was that I get to actually see, touch, and wear beads by artist that I'm familiar with but who's beads I've never purchased. Not that I don't purchase art beads, I do! But it's kinda like going to a restaurant, you're thinking you might want to try something different and you like the description and/or the looks but in the end you just get the same ole' thing because you know that you'll like it...that's me! You could say I get stuck in a rut, I like same ole', same ole'. I am so glad that I was able to participate and paired with such great partners!

I was pair with Diane Hawkey, who's beads I've never purchased but have admired via my computer screen and in magazines, and Lori of Artfully Ornamental. I was super excited to make earrings for both of these ladies, and what can I say...I couldn't wait to see what they made for me!

Diane came through with two pair of fabulous earrings! And in my favorite colors, blue (ok, really aqua) and green! I was absolutely thrilled! Just look at those gorgeous art beads she made!

I wore one pair one day, and the second pair the next day.

Next in my mail box were earrings from Lori. She used only art beads in the earrings she made, ceramic round beads by Keith O'Connor, once again who I've only stalked, and a briolette style drop with an image coated with resin that Lori made herself. Check out Lori's blog to find out how she made her bead.

I'm off to check out the earrings the other girls made and received, I hope you will join us.

Diana Ptaszynski
Jan Onipenco
Patti Vanderbloemen
Mary Harding
Diane Hawkey
Lesley Watt
Jenny Davies Reazor
Melinda Orr
Cilla Watkins
Stephanie Haussler
Sally Russick
Susan Kennedy
Amy Freeland
Marla James
Pam Sears
Tania Spivey
Kathleen Lange Klik
Lori Bowring Michaud
Erin Prais-Hintz
Gail Barnett
Linda Landig
Sharleen Newland
Dee Elgie
Mary Shannon Hicks
Lisa Johnson
Shelby Foxwell
Keri Lee Sereika
Cheryl Brown
Linda Younkman
Kari Asbury
Fay Wolfenden


  1. Super cool earrings your received. so fun to see all the art beads and the different ways folks made the earrings.

  2. ooohhh....two pair from Diane.....I love both designs and would have a hard time choosing! I love her beads! And the earrings from Lori have such a bright, fun color combo - so perfect for the summer! Enjoy your gifts!

  3. Great earrings that you received. Love Diana's beads. That second pair is awesome as well.

  4. Hi Shelby! That Diana - the over achieving hostess! Lovely! The labradorites, drool... and I like her leaf dangle. Hadn't seen them before. Lori's are lovely - I like her use of the same design in different palettes for her two partners.

  5. Shelby so happy that you like them. This was so much fun to do!

  6. Love all three pair! I especially like the first pair that Diane made for you-gorgeous combination of beads and colors, perfect for summer!

  7. Some great earring designs! I like how the blue beads are suspended. And those Keith O'Connor beads make me drool! Enjoy the day. Erin