Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Done, Add Three More

I'm drowning in my "to do" list. Everyday after running the kids to school and going to the gym (some things I just will not skip!) I'm methodically plucking away at my lengthy "to do" list and as far as I see it...there is no. end. in. sight! For every one thing that is accomplished there are at least three more that should/need to be added, not counting the everyday household chores...laundry, vacuuming, dinner, homework... But alas, some of the to do's require my being out in the shop. Thank goodness! There have been some special requests for clients, some done, some still in the works, shows to get ready for, a couple swaps, oh and Christmas is coming.

This bracelet and earring set were a client request, still working on the necklace.
Lampwork beads from Jackson River Glass

Love the colors in this bracelet! The coral colored lampwork beads I purchased from SueBeads at BeadFest. Oops, never showed my BeadFest stash.

Again, these cabs were acquired at BeadFest.
Cherry Creek Jasper Metalwork Stud Earrings

Lots more in the works. The previous bracelet and earrings are available but probably will not make it to my Etsy shop anytime soon, if ever.

So much to do, so little time! Gotta get back to work on "the list".



  1. Fab - all of it Shelby. Well done on creating whilst still doing all of those pesky household chores....Should take a leaf out of your book...

  2. I've always adored that Thai Karen crab charm. I love the way you used it.