Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Discussed with my Fav Radio Station

A few weeks ago things at my favorite local radio station started to spiral out of control.

  • one of the morning personalities vanished

  • there was no DJ in the afternoons

  • they changed the All 80's Weekend to a Retro Weekend...not so bad but I prefer the 80's

  • then they started advertising the evolution of "The B"

  • for one whole day NO & advertising...but nothing else

Then holy cow...I woke up the next morning to Bob & Sherri in the Morning, a syndicated talk radio show...What's up with that??? I HATE!! this kind of talk know people bantering about the woes in their lives. They only play about 1 song every half hour and I'm sorry but I need something a little more upbeat to get me going in the morning. However, I have been a loyal listener to this radio station for years....SO I decided that I was going to have an open mind and give it a fair shake, at least one solid week.

I have suffered through two weeks of listening to this in hopes that it would grow on me. Didn't work! And you know it's bad when your kids, 5 & 7, ask you why they are talking so much...where's the music mom? Anyway, I finally decided that I would listen to another station in the morning, at least until 10am when Bob & Sherri sign off and they start playing music again. So what happened you say when I went in search of a new station? They are ALL syndicated shows!! WHAT!! Doesn't anyone get tired of hearing that crap? I just want to get it on with some up beat, energizing tunes. What about you?

So Sirius, here I come...I'm going to go out to the pool house and bring in the transmitter so that I can listen to my satellite radio in the house. Finally!! Something worth crowing about!!


  1. Let the B know you don't like the change. If enough people complain, maybe you'll get lucky and the 80's will be back again!