Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dreaded Weight Issue

Don't kid yourself, most of us wished that we could loose that extra weight. Every New Years, so many people make the decision that they are going to shed some weight. But...wouldn't you like to see what you might look like when you do finally do loose those extra pounds. can do just that...check out this website Weight View. I believe this will be great motivation for those of us wishing to loose those few extra pounds. You simply download a picture of yourself and see how you will look thinner. Now you can paste an "I wanna look like this" photo to the fidge door instead of the "Ooohhh, do I really look like this" photo.

And, while I'm on the topic...Kudos to my little sissy...she has decided to make a lifestyle know exercising and eating healthier...she has been really motivated and standing her ground with the food issue (we all know that this can be really tough). Today she rang me and told me that she has lost 5 pounds!! I'm so proud of her!! Now, I'll have an exercise buddy when she's here.


  1. I will defintely check out that website. Maybe an actual picture will help instead of relying on my mental image of my skinnier self from 5 years ago! Good job on your sisters part.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Shelby! I plan on losing 40 lbs total so I can be one hot momma! I’m 5’3” and weighted 175 lbs two weeks ago. I'm making lifestyle change eating 1/2 of my diet as fresh food. I notice already my skin looks better. My main reason for the diet change is preventive maintenance for a healthy heart and body when I am older.
    I think you look like one hot momma! You’ve always had a lean athletic figure! Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to run a distance with you!
    Love your sis!