Monday, August 17, 2009

Mixed Metal Earrings

I recently came across Deryn Mentock's Something Sublime Blog. She is an incredibly talented collage and mixed media jewelry artist, and she has invited anyone interested to participate in a fun jewelry challenge. The challenge is to work through Mary Hettmansperger's book Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet.

This really peaked my interested as I am trying to dabble in metalwork in my spare time. (Which I don't have much of...) I got the book, which is full of great techniques, ideas, and really inspired me to move forward with creating mixed metal jewelry.

My first project are these ~The Stars Above~ mixed metal earrings. This is my version of the Stacked Spinner Necklace. I used brass, copper, and fine silver, that I cut, forged, textured and patinated. However, I didn't use a spacer in between each piece of metal because I didn't want the earring being too bulky. I had such fun making these earrings. I will definately be doing more of these and I'm eager to move on to the next project.


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  2. What a wonderful interpretation of the "Stacked Spinner" pendant. Your earrings turned out so great, I would have thought you've been working with metal for a long time! They look like fun to wear! :-)

  3. How can I order your jewelry. Is it for sale?

  4. jewelry is for sale on my etsy site although I don't update this site regularly, I try to update my website on a more regular basis. If there is something that you see on either of these sites or my blog that you are interested in please contact me through my website and be sure to include your email, so that I can further assist you. Thank you for your interest in my designs.