Monday, September 28, 2009

Some New Stuff...

I've been a busy little bee...getting new pieces ready for the upcoming Holiday Shows. I have neglected my house and focused all my attention on making jewelry and taking care of my children's needs, of course.

Cirque de Soleil - Sterling Wirework & Lampwork Bracelet

Also, lately I have been doing a lot more piece with copper wire. I really like the looks of it especially for the fall and winter months. Because it's inexpensive, I don't feel so bad when I have waste...such as when I make a irreversible mistake. Oops! And, the show that I did a couple of weeks ago people were steady asking for pieces made with copper. In fact, I sold ALL the pieces I had brought with me that were copper. To be quite frank I was the past I rarely sold any copper pieces.

Dream - Oxidized Stamped Copper Bracelet

Months ago I purchased additional supplies so that I could embark on making stamped jewelry. However, I didn't initially have success and quickly became frustrated. Hence, the stamps got pushed to the back of the drawer and quickly forgotten about. But, I still drool over some of the stamped necklaces and bracelets, therefore giving the stamps a second try...and I'm happy to say that the persistence has paid off. I am really happy with the looks of the stamping on this bracelet. It still needs improvement but with a little more practice it should get better.

And just when I couldn't be any busier I made this necklace. It was inspired by Sally Stevens necklace that appeared in the Summer issue of Step by Step Wire. I totally LOVE it... I made it so that it can be worn long or I can wrap the chain twice and wear it short. So...I'm gonna keep it for myself! Not to mention orange and red are my favorite colors.


  1. It seems that copper is very much "en vogue" these days. People steadily ask me about copper pieces, too.

  2. Love your new necklace and I can see why you love it too. Is the chain commercial or did you make that too? Just love the freedom of copper. I can try so many more ideas that just pop in my head in copper. Like you, it is really starting to sell too. About half my sales every show are in copper now and the funny thing I'm finding is they like grungy. They almost expect it to be grungy. So much fun. I need to go play.

  3. Hi Shelby
    You've been busy!! Love your new pieces...all that gorgeous lampwork and wirework - my favorite combination! But that last necklace, WOW!! I can see why you are going to keep it! It is just amazing! :-)

  4. Glad you did so well with the copper pieces! I like mixing it with the silver, it adds great interest. I too purchased some metal stamps back in the summer but have not done any experimenting yet. Best of luck with your Fall shows, I am in the same boat...very busy too!

  5. Hi...I just found your so inspiring, I love what you do with wire....this is also my passion. I must admit I love love your necklace!