Monday, October 5, 2009

"To Do" List

What a beautiful weekend!! I love fall...nice brisk fall mornings, great daytime weather and temps, and plenty of outside time. At least I try to squeeze in time outside.

My blog took back seat last week to my list of "To Do's". I am a diligent list maker...I make lists for everything from what for dinner, errands to run for the day, to inside and outside chores. As previously stated I've been neglecting a few things and keep adding new items to my "to do" list. So finally this week I tackled the dreaded list. Some things didn't take much time but I dread...such as sewing on cub scout patches. You would think that a mom somewhere would come up with a great idea that would save all of us from sewing those patches...on a short sleeve shirt, taking them off to sew onto a long sleeve shirt during the winter months...back to the short sleeve shirt in the spring...adding additional patches along the way...then your child grows out of that shirt...ugh!!'s a vicious cycle. But I got it done! And now my daughter wants to join Girl Scouts...can I survive? Also, I worked on cleaning up my "studio". This took the better part of a day. It really wasn't too, too bad until I started to sweep (cough, cough) but I kept getting side tracked by all the projects I had started only to abandoned and now I might want to save. And as always I tried to get my house back in order...but that seems to be the never ending task especially with two kids.

Even with trying to get lots of chores done I still managed make a couple new pieces. One being this bracelet, which I love for fall. This yellow color is a little more bold than I usually go for but I really like it with the purples and blues. I have added this bracelet to my Etsy shop Sundown Bead Designs. I still have to photo the other pieces but I'll be sure to share them with you this week.

Have an inspiring week!


  1. Hi Shelby
    Glad to hear you had such a productive weekend. You know I cheat a little and iron on those Boy Scout patches! They are impossible to sew on (and the boys only wore the short sleeved shirt).
    Your new bracelet is sooo gorgeous!! Your wirework is just perfect. And what beautiful lampwork beads!

  2. congrats on making new pieces :)
    this reminds me, i need to make a do to list

  3. The bracelet is amazing! I try to make a to-do list every day, but it usually gets trashed or lost (LOL) by the time I get home from the school bus run. I think my lists grow legs.

  4. I'm a major list maker too, Shelby. If it's not written down then my brain thinks I don't have to do it plus I like having the satisfaction of checking off the things I've done on the list. I really like the colors of your bracelet. It's hard to think of colors other than red and orange that go good with yellow. The blue and purples look great and your wire work is gorgeous as usual.