Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who Knew It Could Be Such Fun

Have you ever come across something new that you are absolutely obsessed with...well I'm like that with lots of new ventures. If I even kind of like what I'm interested in then I jump in with both feet and sometimes (many times...) go overboard. You know what I mean???

This is what has happened since stumbling onto the book that I previously blogged about Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet. I always love a good challenge and last year I began piddling in metalwork, not that I don't love creating with wire but just to expand my horizons and try a little something new. So I got a couple books and LOTS of supplies and did just that...piddled. However, since getting this new book I have been doing more metalwork and combining it with wire. A perfect marriage! And these last couple of days I have just gone hog wild! My dear hubby took the oldest kiddie and went away for one last hurrah before school starts and that left me with my little princess who is more than happy to play by herself for hours on end. (of course she doesn't do that when her older brother is around) So for a couple of hours for two days I got busy out in my studio/garage. I really enjoyed forging and pounding the metal and creating while it lasted. Take a gander at what I did...I had so much fun. I'm sure there will be more to come especially since my kids start back to school on Wednesday.

Twisted Cliffs - Mixed Metals Pendant/Necklace

This pendant is much like the example that is in the book. Forged from copper sheet, the edges have been hammered, then holes punched to add the dangles/charms. I'm super pleased with the way that it turned out! This is definitely a Bold statement piece, not for the faint at heart. Can't wait to see peoples reaction as I will be taking this piece to an art's festival in the weekend to come.

Unlocked - Mixed Metal Earrings

These earrings are forged form brass, sterling, and copper. Notice that every component has been hammered...pounding....that's one of my favorite parts...getting out all the pent up stress.There is lots of that to go around with 2 kids.

Glittering Caves - Mixed Metal Earrings

Again, just like the book...copper sheet forged into a triangle shape with a sterling silver wire wrapped bead on the inside. Super unique-my mom and sister's reaction-"Ooooo, I really like them..." my husband's-"uh, not so much." Go figure!

All Around - Mixed Metal Earrings

For these earrings, I wanted to do a little something different than was in the book. The components are cut from copper, brass, and sterling as before and textured (of course) but instead of stacking, I decided to sew the components together with fine gauge sterling wire. Again, pleased, might have to gift these to my little sis...she liked them so much!

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  1. Very funky cool earrings! Love the mixed metals and unique designs.