Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our First Snowfall

We had our first and possibly only snowfall of the season. We only had a dusting but the kids were super excited none the less. We don't receive much snow at all, but this is the earliest snow that I recall in years. So maybe we're in for a cold winter...hum...

I love the peaceful, calming feeling of a blanket of snow. So relaxing amid a season of hustle and bustle.

The beginnings of what became an enormous snowball.

Our miniature size snow girl.

Thursday was our last day of school and the annual Candlelight Service. The children always put on a great performance. I especially like this performance, as it reflects the true meaning of Christmas.

This year my son's class played their recorders. They did GREAT!

And how appropriate for my angel to be an angel...Isn't she just SO, I just couldn't resist.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend:) Cheers...


  1. Shelby, what great pictures. The one with your daughter and her snowman should be framed (she makes a sweet angel too)! You're lucky school wrapped up already. My kids had 2 more days and I'm afraid school will be cancelled...and I didn't bring in the teacher's gifts yet. Have a nice Sunday! :-)

  2. Great pictures. Thanks for the Xmas snow...

  3. They look like they had a blast in the snow. And your daughter makes a perfect angel! Merry Christmas, Shelby.

  4. How incredible sweet your little ones are. I wish they could stay that way forever! It looks like they did a wonderful program too. I always cried at my sons so many years ago! How time flies.
    Wishing you a Joyous New Year! An a great year of creating your beautiful jewelry!

  5. Beautiful children! and beautiful work too! Thanks for visiting/following my blog. I am now following you too. Hope we inspired each other not only in our jewelry hobby but also in raising children :)
    Happy belated New Year and have a great weekend.