Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - A Family Affair

I Love my children, I can't imagine life without them...but...if they DO NOT go to school tomorrow, I might as well check into the loony bin! OK, this is the third straight day school has been cancelled after a week off! UGH! (screaming and pulling my hair out)

However, some good does come from all the school cancellations. Yesterday, my daughter and mother sat down with me while I worked on my project. As you can imagine, this months focus is on Valentine's Day. While browsing the large selection of Valentine's Day components, I came across some supplies that I didn't even know carried. We all know they are a great source for Swarovski crystals, and fabulous findings and charms, but did you know that they also carry a wide array of string materials and a nice selection of craft accessories. I could hardly wait to receive the components, after all who doesn't love hearts. And not only for Valentine's but hearts are great all year long!

I picked up this fabulous hand dyed silk ribbon, LOVE IT! The ribbon is a first for me. It was a struggle knotting it, but if at first you don't succeed then try, try, try, again. I added some great little sterling silver charms and a couple tube sliders. The circle, heart charms are stamped using a metal heart stamp that I also received from, who knew they sold metal stamps? Siam and Crystal Swarovski heart crystals were added to the brass chain. I like how the hole for the hearts is side to side, and the size of the hearts is just perfect to make a statement in this bracelet. It's finished off with a puffy sterling heart clasp and pewter heart dangle.

My daughter cooed all over this bracelet, unfortunately it's way too big for her little wrist. But that doesn't keep her from trying to abscond with it.

This bracelet is in my Etsy shop.

These products were received free of charge from The products have been honestly reviewed and I have not been paid for endorsement as it pertains to the products received.


  1. I think the bracelet turned out beautiful! It's unique, and the colors and charms you chose only enhance it! I ♥ it! I vote to put it out on Etsy. I think you'll surprise yourself!

    Hope school's in session tomorrow so you can regain your sanity! :)


  2. This is a really different style for you. I'm really digging it. I love how the ribbon has different tones and colors to it. And the charms are the perfect accessory. Great job, Shelby!

  3. That ribbon is beautiful and the charms work really well on it. Definitely a year round bracelet!

  4. Shelby, I love the bracelet, it's stunning! I just got my order today. I'm going to make the baby a bracelet, me a bracelet, eddie a boy bracelet, and Abbey a big Sis bracelet! Get ready for the snow storm girl! It's coming! The kids won't have school for another half a week! BOOOO!