Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lots of Goings On

Life has slowed, I think?, to a more manageable pace...or maybe I've adjusted to a little more hectic pace. Lots of events going on...

I've got a new niece...isn't she a doll

Of course, I'm a little partial :)

This past Saturday I had an art show...however, it was a total bust:( It was a beautiful day except for the wind, I ended up packing up and left. The wind was literally blowing my earrings off the stands and kept blowing my busts over. C'est la vie, I'm hoping the next show will be a success.

My sons big science fair is today. He's hoping for a win...I'm hoping he's not disappointed if he doesn't. Either way he is trying to recruit his sister's friends to visit his "booth". I'm kind of excited to see all the projects. It was a lot of work...for both of us!

There hasn't been a whole lot of opportunity to work on any new projects. I did submitted two pieces for a contest, that I'm pretty excited about...keeping my fingers crossed. And, here's two pair of earrings that I squeezed in last week.

Sweet Pea - Turquoise & Sterling Silver Herringbone Weave Earrings

Tattered Smoke Rings - Textured Fused Fine Silver Earrings


  1. Super cool earrings! Sorry the art show didn't work out but hopefully the future show will be a huge success. Your niece is such a doll! So sweet!

  2. Congrats on the birth of your adorable niece! What a sweet picture. I hope your son's science fair went well yesterday...I know that is right up his alley!
    Beautiful new earrings...both so nicely executed.