Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Bee

Summer is quickly becoming a fading memory...days to lounge around the pool or beach, days trips, and play dates have come to a screeching halt. But all's good...and September promises to be a busy month. An art show this weekend, volunteering at school, 17 leaf charms to make, and ArtBliss (Squeal!). The best part you ask? I LOVE fall! Cool, crisp mornings, the fall foliage, and I consider this the absolute best time at the beach!

I've been all a buzz in my workshop the last few days. I've definitely got my groove on, but not with the traditional fall colors. Just take a look and see...

Sorbet ~ Sterling Silver & Lampwork Bracelet

I totally Love this bracelet! The vibrant colors, all the wirework, it's bold, and it will go with just about anything in your closet! I'm gonna hate to see it go when it sells...but then that makes room for another...right?

Lightning Streaks - Sterling Silver & Lampwork Bracelet

Here I go again...Love the lampwork beads in this bracelet. I agonized for quite sometime over how to incorporate them into a piece. I think it turned out quite well and I still have a couple left over...yea!

I'm still hoping to land a few more piece before Saturday, but in the meantime I still have to create a piece for the silent auction, photos to take, editing, tagging...all the boring stuff.


  1. You're so stinking incredible! Will you ever cease to amaze me?

  2. September is such a transitional month isn't it! These bracelets are gorgeous. I love the bright sherbert colors of the first and I am always so over the moon for the blue and silver in the second. Good luck with your art show!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous always!

  4. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see you at ArtBliss!