Saturday, September 4, 2010

Odds & Ends

We're preparing for a fabulous Labor Day weekend! We dodged the bullet with Earl. Thankfully, he packed much less of a punch than originally anticipated. The ocean was in a fit of rage, but we barely had any rain (which we need) and only minimal wind. I'm headed back out to the beach later today to see any erosion. And the rest of the weekend is looking great...cooler temps and bright sunshinny skies.

Periodically, I'm asked to donate an item for a benefit. I've agreed to donate pieces for two different benefits, both of them happening next weekend. This bracelet is going to the "Art by the Sea" fundraising event to benefit the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation. They bring some fantastic "free" performances to the Freeman Stage at Bayside and we enjoy being able to benefit from this. Also, I had the opportunity to exhibit at their Arts & Jazz Festival over the summer.

Jungle - Wirework Sterling Silver & Lampwork Bracelet

I still have to create the other item that will be donated. I guess that's something I should be working on this weekend.

In the blogging community and jewelry making world there are SO many giveaways and sales going on...

Cindy Wimmer is giving away an issue of Easy Wire 2009, that showcases so of her work. But hurry on over as she will be drawing tomorrow!

Janet at Siningwoods is having her first giveaway, and it's a biggy...charms and beads.

Missficklemedia is giving away a lovely leaf pendant, also happening tomorrow!

And, last but not least is having a great Labor Day Sale. 20% off orders of $60 or more, ending Sept. 7th. The checkout code is : ZZW20P-LDS.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. Your bracelet is beautiful, love the earthy colors...are those boro beads? I'm in love with borosilicate beads these days. Thanks for sharing those steely gray skies and rolling waves!

  2. I'm in love with that bracelet! Your are a wire guru :) Doing the countdown till girl time!