Monday, January 3, 2011


In an effort to come up with a Word for the Year, the last couple of days I've really pondered what I want to accomplish creatively this year. There were so many words that made it onto my list. I really wanted to come up with a word that is far with a lot of bang. And then it hit me...Commit! There is a lot that I want to commit to this year, and it's totally attainable, as long as I stay committed:)

Now that I've come up with a Word for the Year, next was to start compiling a list of what to commit to:
  1. Commit to holding "studio" hours. This will be a big step for me but I feel like I need it, both for my business and my family.
  2. Commit to keep my Etsy shop up to date. Right now my goal will be to list one or two new pieces a week. I've already started working on this.
  3. Commit to following through with projects that I sketch or imagine. I have a sketch book with lots of ideas and 9 times out of 10, I never even attempt what I draw. Crazy, pure laziness I guess.
  4. Commit to really trying to zero in on trying to perfect my wireworking technique, and break into weaving.
  5. Commit to do more chain maille, and learning more weaves.
  6. Commit to taking metalsmith classes, and really following through with what I learn. Already scheduled a session with a local artist, and I'm totally stoked that I'll be doing the session with another jewelry/beady friend.
  7. Commit to submitting at least three projects for publication.
  8. Commit to talking to at least two more galleries/boutiques to carry my work.
  9. Commit to learning to use my camera. I'm stuck on auto, but I know that I can achieve much better pictures.
  10.  Commit not to sit on the computer for hours on end. I've gotten really bad about this lately. The internet sucks me in and I have a hard time tearing myself away. Not very much creative time there.
  11. Commit to sticking with what I have and not to go hog wild with any new technique. Not to say that I don't want to learn anything new, however I have to draw the line somewhere. I feel like I dabble in to much and need to really hone the techniques that I love...working with wire and metal.
  12. Commit to finding a better way of keeping track of my inventory and bookkeeping. I know how to do the bookkeeping part but the inventory I could use a little direction.
This is a developing list of things that I am committed to this year. I'm sure it will continue to grow, but for the meantime it's a good start. As a daily reminder of my commitment, I'm planning on posting my list in my studio and maybe the office. Erin even suggested a banner, which I think is a great idea...a reminder.

I'd love to hear your Word for the Year.


  1. First -- WANT that bracelet.

    Second -- that's a lot of committing! But I like all of them.

    Make one of those to commit to getting together this year for an afternoon of beading with me, k?

  2. Commit is a lovely sense of direction. I especilly love number 10 :-). The internet can gobble up so much time. But I do hope you'll keep us up to date because I enjoy hearing you from you! Happy New Year.

  3. If you figure out a way to be better at bookkeeping please let me know, I have let it go all year and now have to input a whole years worth into the system!

    I love the bracelet great colors.

  4. Commit is a good word, really. I am so looking forward to seeing how you stretch your creativity this year!

  5. Nice way to get things straight and work according to the time frame set, Every year new commitments are set.

  6. Wow...many of those could be on my goal list for this year...especially the tracking of inventory, computer time not going hog wild with new techniques. I always want to try new styles and techniques, but feel like I need to hone in on a signature style, but sometimes that is difficult to reign in!

  7. Well, I think if you commit (and me too) to #10, all the rest will fall into place:)