Monday, March 28, 2011

More Metal Monday

Yesterday, we woke to white stuff on the ground...crazy! Hubby was home, and the kids were engrossed in a movie, so I ceased the opportunity and slipped out to the workshop. It was freezing but I'd rather play with metal than watch tv, or better yet, clean.

I've been in search for some really great cabs to set. As a result, I've discovered lots of great shops on etsy, that have fabulous stones. Although, I'd rather see and touch the stone before purchasing, I have yet to be disappointed. One of my purchases was this Willow Creek Jasper from StepheezGems. She has lots of great cabochons, if your in the market.

I had a devil of a time with this pendant...good thing I was working solo. This isn't exactly the way I had sketched the back out, there was suppose to be a few wavy wire pieces, but they were not cooperating. Instead of having a full on temper tantrum, and risking loosing this big piece of silver...yikes!...I settled for sawing the curve instead. I'm still thrilled with the way it turned out.

Willow Creek Jasper Pendant

note to self...I need to go back and clean up the oxidation a bit around the balls

Next up, I finished off the pendant of the unknown stone with some gorgeous tourmaline rondelles.

as promised a picture of the back

Finally, a great everyday ring. This is nice and simple. I textured and domed a sterling disc, then set it. Super cool!

I'm so happy with what I got done this weekend, of course I can thank the lousy weather. Did you have time to create this weekend?


  1. You are rockin' and rollin', girl! I love all these...especially the back of the pendant:) You are going into a wonderful direction with these. I had a little time to play this weekend...will try to blog later!

  2. Shelby, I love all of the pieces you're showing here, but that ring? *LOVE* And the back of that center pendant is luscious - it'd be tempting to wear it backwards, but for the beauty of the cab!

    I worked on a few components this weekend, played a bit with my first soldered bezel (out of copper), and started designing something for the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge. It was a good weekend :)

  3. Holy smokes, girl, you're rocking this!

  4. Absolutely awesome work, Shelby! Kudos!!!!
    Just stunning.

  5. wow...amazing those! I can tell you are really having fun with this!

  6. Gorgeous work, love the jasper pendant!

  7. Wonderful pieces!!!!!! That willow creek jasper is gorgeous and your design to surround it is beautiful as well!!!

  8. I am lucky to find your Blog. Just georgios pendants!!!!

  9. Your metal work is so gorgeous! I love that jasper and the shape is really unique! ~Val

  10. Beeeeutiful Shelby!! Thanks for the link to the StepheezGems, always looking for new cabs!