Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've been M.I.A. lately in the blog world. With the coming of spring, life picks up a little more hectic pace. We headed out of town while the kids were on spring break, softball has begun, and I'm frantically trying to kick it into high gear so that I'll be ready for upcoming art shows.

Today will be another hectic day, but I wanted to drop in and share a few metalwork projects that I've finished. I'm totally, lovin' doing metalsmithing. There is SO much to learn!

Peruvian Opal Pendant

I love, love this pendant and can't wait to get a chain so that it can be worn. However, this setting set me in a fit everytime I worked on it! The flower petals and cut out back...I was probably a little ambitious to start with something like this, but it's done, gorgeous, and I love it!

the back...I cut the back out so the light can shine through, the stone is so pretty, and added the flower petal to match the front.


I'm unsure what this stone is, any ideas? I purchased it quite a while ago. Anyway, I'm not quite done with this. It looks kinda blah right now, but there will be colorful dangles on the bottom loops, and of course chain. I forgot to photograph the back, but I there is lots of scrollwork. More photos when this is finished.

Druzy Ring


Here's another...don't know the stone, ugh! Love this too! I wear it all the time! Copper back sheet and silver balls. This is the first piece I completed entirely on my own. To say the least I was giddy with excitement when it was finished and realized...I. Can. Do. It! Yea!

I promise, it won't be so long before I check in again, and I'm trying to catch up on reading the blogs I follow.

Have a great weekend!


  1. WOW, Shelby those are fantastic pieces! Loving that metal work! I think the stone in the fist ring may be a it rough in the center?

  2. Shelby...I am so proud of you! These are all so gorgeous :) That yummy peruvian opal is my fav, but they are all totally wearable. You are definitely a metalsmith :)

  3. Your metal work is gorgeous!!! I have no clue what the first mystery stone is! It is really cool though. The second reminds me of aventurine but with those markings I don't think it is. ~Val

  4. Oh my god - your work is stunning, Shelby. You are already a pro:-)

  5. Beautiful work! Really love the secret hidden detail of the leaf on the back of the first pendant.

  6. OUTSTANDING Shelby! These are all so beautiful, I love every one!
    I have started working metalsmithing, but have a loooong way to go....I love it though. The price of silver has been a real bummmer to me.

  7. Really beautiful stuff, there. It is definitely well worth the hassle, eh? Simply marvelous. :)

  8. Shelby, I hear you about things picking up with the kids now that it's getting warmer out. And yours already had Spring Break??
    I am so proud of you, seeing your incredible finished pieces! You are a natural with metal smithing.... I am so amazed at your work!

  9. Beautiful work, they are all so gorgeous!