Monday, March 7, 2011

Cool Winter's Night & Empty Beaches

There is not much I like better, than to be outside on a brisk winter's night gazing up at the sky. The cool against my face, seeing my breath, staring up, taking in the bright light of the moon, the twinkle of the stars against the dark sky. This time for me is so peaceful and relaxing.

So when declared this months inspiration "Winter Enchantment," I knew right away that I wanted to design a necklace with a cool, winter's night in mind. A Swarovski Cosmic ring and sterling silver disc were layered for the pendant. This represents the moon in all it's glory, you know the nights when it's so bright that it creates a wonderful halo. Swarovski pearls, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver discs make up the chain of the necklace. Again, the dark midnight sky, twinkling stars, and a wispy cloud here and there. This necklace was such a joy to create. It put me in my happy place and the designed seemed to flow from me. I must admit, upon opening the package, I wasn't sure I had made the right color choices, however now that the necklace is done, I think the colors were right on.

Star Gazer

The other thing that I love in the winter is empty beaches. There is almost nobody around, it is possible to take long walks on the beach and not encounter another soul. It's absolutely delightful! Just you alone with your thoughts, miles of sand, and the crashing waves. This bracelet represents just that.

Empty Beaches

Ivory Czech beads are paired with hand-dyed silk and oxidized copper wire, and the blue porcelain beads add a splash of color.

This is just a few things that add charm to those long winter months. What are you enchanted by?


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  1. Shelby,
    your necklace and bracelet are just gorgeous...and love the titles for them. You're making me miss OC so much! I sure wish I could walk those empty beaches. Ah, I long for summer! We will have to get together this time.
    I regret that I did not have time to work on a Winter Enchantment piece... yours can certainly be worn in any season!

  2. I am absolutely with you on those empty beaches... both pieces, the necklace and the bracelet, are just beautiful. Don't you just love the feeling when a piece just seems to make itself?

  3. Oh Shelby! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that 'Star Gazer' necklace!! I think it perfectly captures exactly what you are talking about - cold, but not unfriendly, it definitely says 'winter night' to me. Nice job!

  4. Shelby, your necklace and bracelet are beautiful! I love cold winter nights and looking up at all the stars. Your designs definitely say winter enchantment! Great job!

  5. Gorgeous designs shelby! I love the concept behind both pieces and how you have portrayed them! ~Val

  6. FAbulously creative pieces! I love it when there is a full moon, and I can see way out into the forest in the dark night!

  7. The necklace is beautiful but I am loving the bracelet with the silk ribbon. Fabulous mix of materials.

  8. Gorgeous! Love the warmth of the bracelet! The necklace looks like winter sky!