Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm so lame...with all the time I've been spending at the computer this week browsing Bead Soup Blog Party reveals, I haven't felt much like blogging myself. Lots of goodies out there, and I'm still hopping, so hold tight if I haven't visited you yet. Next party has been planned

I'm making great success in the metalsmith sessions...Yea! I've finally finished a couple pieces...stay tuned.

I've been sitting on my, Winter Enchantment post...need to get that wrapped up.

Been making buttons like crazy at my findings shop! I'm all buttoned out, and took a break this week. Plus, I need to order more silver sheet, so I can make more...Yikes!

Saturday is my baby girls birthday...she'll be 8...hard to believe. Time does fly. Having six girls over for a sleepover...correction, they won't sleep.

Have a great weekend! I'll catch back up then.


  1. Adorable buttons!!! Best of luck with the birthday party! I'm sure your daughter will have a ball! ~Val

  2. Love the rustic buttons! Have fun at the party...take an afternoon nap!

  3. I hear ya, Shelby! Still making the rounds as well with what little time I have to get online!
    Your silver buttons are really sweet. Been enjoying using my disc cutter and dapping block lately too. Not much to show for myself though. I think I'm burnt out creatively after my frenzy getting my piece finished last week! That will teach me for waiting til the last minute! :-)
    Have a blast this weekend with your daughter's b-day. Oh the stories you'll have to tell!

  4. Aww, hope your baby girl had a wonderful birthday!! ^.^

  5. Oh I know what you mean. I spent so much time hitting the other blogs that I didn't post on mine and now I have over a 1000 blog posts to catch up on. But I found some wonderful blogs like yours.