Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can't Win Them All

 I've finally recovered from the show I exhibited in this past weekend. I hate to complain but...it stunk like bacon out loud! Really! In years past I've attending the art show as a spectator, and it's always been a nice show so this year I wanted to exhibit, even though it required me being there on Father's Day.

Friday was set up. This makes it nice because all the hard work is out of the way. However, me being such the planner that I am, the weather Friday night was a little iffy, so I opted to only set up my tent and tables. Good thing! A terrible thunderstorm blew through on Friday night, so bad that I scooted on down to the park to find out how my tent fared through all the wind. I was lucky, others not so much! There were tents blown over and in crumpled piles.

Saturday...rain to start, but it cleared off and the temps quickly climbed to a balmy 91 degrees. There didn't seem to be many people in attendance, surely not the 10,000 they touted! But there were some fabulous artists! I was really disappointed when I left on Saturday, but I tried to remain optimistic for Sunday.

Sunday...more rain! Once again, it finally cleared off around 11:00, still a little overcast but otherwise nice. People came, but not the expected crowd, however my excitement for the day was when Melissa Meman visited. I was ecstatic to see her and her family, and of course I wasn't busy so we had a chance for a brief chat. Later in the afternoon, it started to rain again. I made the decision to leave early. Normally I would never leave a show early, but with the rain and lack of sales, I was very discouraged!

The one thing I was happy with, were the tweaks that I made to my booth. I changed around where I positioned the tables and used most of the same displays. I really liked the set up a lot better. I made myself my own private space.

Looking back I begin to question, whether the show was well advertised and promoted? was it the weather, too hot and rainy? is the lack of attendance because of the economy? And the biggest question of all...Will I reapply for this show next year?

Hoping for a better show next month.


  1. shelby i'm so sorry i missed you. i didn't have a helper until late on sunday and when i went to find you you we're gone. not that i blame you, i'm glad to hear you didn't have any damage friday night, i felt really lucky too.honestly i've done 3 shows so far ( and my weekly art on the docks) and its been scary slow. oh well theres no choice but to keep on. hope to see you soon.

  2. So sorry to hear you had a disappointing weekend -- I've had shows like that, and it's really hard to keep a bright and shiny attitude through it. But like they say in the lottery commercials, you can't win if you don't play. So we drag the tents out to the parks, set up, and hope for the best! Good luck at the next one!

  3. I'm so sorry Shelby, how disappointingly I feel your pain. Don't give up! Riki

  4. Oh, no! That sounds terrible. Hoperfully your next shows are better!

  5. it's fortunate you didn't have any damage with that storm..i've heard shows in general are down.
    i bet the weather added to the reduced turn out..and i wonder if Father's day is a very good day for art shows any way.

  6. Aw honey. Which show was this? And you call 91 "balmy", or were you kidding? I'm sure its being Father's Day and the weather had to do with it. I did a show in VA Beach that was a) indoors, b) on a lovely beach day, and c) they switched the date from their previous April date to MOTHER'S DAY -- and it tanked. So I wouldn't at ALL think it was you -- never ever.

  7. Hey girl! It so fun seeing your beautiful face and beautiful jewelry! I am so sorry it was not a good show for you, but I must say, IMHO, your jewelry was by far the most gorgeous there! There were 2 or 20 pieces that I would have walked away with if I hadn't just shelled out for a new HVAC :) We enjoyed stopping by and seeing you!

  8. Shelby, Congratulations an getting your bracelet published! I'll look for it in the mag.