Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Change in Pace

It's official, school's out and summer is in full swing. We will be seeing a little more of this

without the long sleeves and pants, of course
and this

enjoying our place in the hills of PA
I'm really looking forward to a break! This is the first year that we really don't have any definite of now, the kids are not enrolled in any camps, and there are no trips planned. We're just gonna relax, and go with it.

Hopefully, I'll still be able to steal away, a few hours each week to make jewelry. Keeping my fingers crossed! I do have a couple of shows. One being this weekend...Arts Alive in Ocean City, MD. This is a great show, in a beautiful setting. 

I'll leave you with a glimpse of some newbies...


  1. Enjoy your summer with your family!

    Your newest creations are beautiful, and I adore all that wire wrapping!

  2. these are both beautiful, but the 2nd one is right up my alley! Hope to see you this weekend!

  3. I am so glad summer is finally here :) Can't wait to play with the kids a bit more! I love your necklaces, but that second one? The copper? Oh.My.

  4. Wow - your pieces are awesome. And enjoy the summer!

  5. Hello Shelby! I hope all went well at Arts Alive! My Dad was in OC with my 3 older boys this weekend and I thought of you.
    Tomorrow is my oldest son's last day of school, so we will be joining you finally with official summer vacation!
    Your necklaces are both so stunning - I love the details in each of them.

  6. I love is my favorite season. Happy summer my friend!

  7. hey how can create this..?