Monday, June 6, 2011

Do You Test Drive Your Jewelry?

You know the finish a piece, you get all gitty with excitement, and your over the moon with it? I'm not talking about every new piece of jewelry you create, but the one that you contemplate keeping...when you really shouldn' know, the one you LOVE, Love, love. Do you give it a test drive? It's not often, but I do. And here lately, I've been test driving a lot!

new love...Pastel Green Sea Glass set in Sterling Silver Ring

People can be particular, so I always let them know that I've worn the piece. There are lots of advantages to wearing your jewelry out and about before selling it. First and foremost there is the marketing, I always try to carry my business cards, especially if I'm wearing something I made, and the comments make my heart smile. If it's a new design, wearing it can help to work out the kinks. Finally, while your sporting your new fav around town, you realize that others are equally enchanted with the piece. Often, when I have a show in the near future, I clean the piece and put it out for sale...even if sometimes I secretly wish for it not to sell.

another lovely!...I'm SO loving this bracelet! It's decided, it'll be the one that I secretly hope doesn't sell!

City Lights - Sterling Silver & Lampwork Wirework Bracelet

So I ask you, do you test drive your jewelry? And would you purchase a piece that an artist has previously worn?


  1. Yes, I do test drive some pieces, buying a previously worn item does not bother me either. A lot of my pieces have vintage and used items in them so they already carry a past.

  2. I think there is nothing to say against a test drive and I wouldn't mind at all. I mean c'mon all the fuss about vintage - it's the same and the people pay a huge amount of money to get a worn piece after all:-)

  3. Shelby the ring is stunning. It's also my very favorite color sea glass. The bracelet is beautiful too, I absolutely love those translucent colors...

  4. What a great blog! I love this post. I kinda wondered the same thing ;) I do sometimes, but wondered how people felt about this as well. It is very true that jewelry sells so much better when people see how phenomenal it is worn!

    I sometimes wear pieces. I to love, love, LOVE the newest pieces I create calling them "my most favorite piece yet!" lol.

    I love both pieces. I hope something else sells so you can keep your bracelet for yourself. The artist never gets to keep their work to wear themselves ;)

    xo Genea

  5. I "test drive" pieces all the time. Except earrings. I don't know why but that just bothers me a touch and I don't scare easy. However, necklaces, bracelets, ri gs, pins, etc. almost always go out with me at least once. I don't mind if another artist has worn the piece either. That makes it just a touch more special doesn't it?

  6. Usually I only test drive my jewelry as I am making it to see how it lays on my neck. I have no problem buying jewelry that has been worn before. Think...garage sale finds!

  7. gorgeous new pieces, Shelby. I often do test drive a piece, usually to be sure that it feels comfortable, hangs right, etc. I only wear the piece for a few hours around the house, so I don't bother telling customers that I tested it out...I just polish it up, tag it and put it up for sale. Its just part of the design process!