Monday, September 26, 2011

Working on the Shop

I'm anxious to see what went on at ArtBLISS over the weekend. I was super bummed that I couldn't make it this year, but happy that I still get to see all the happenings and the new projects. While home, away from all the happenings I decided to get to work on my Etsy shop. Some of the new listings...

colorful enamel and lots of jingle jangle

love all the texture in these earrings

one of Nan's fabulous pendants, with lots of earth tones

really love this necklace...lots of great movement, so I've been giving it a little test drive lately

I'm really slow at adding new pieces, but I'm hoping to list a couple a week. There are only three shows left for this year, and two are pretty small, so instead of letting everything sit all winter...I'm gonna list it. After all, in January I made a commitment to get my shop back in order. I guess better late than never...yes?


  1. You new pieces are great. The earth-toned necklace is my favorite.

  2. Oh yes, I recall making that same resolution! Your enamel earrings are so fun, and love all the rich autumn colors in your owl necklace.

  3. Hi Shelby...we sure missed you this year. :-( I remember having lunch with you on Friday last time - so next year I do hope you can make it back to ArtBLISS!
    I know, it is such a lengthy process adding new things to the Etsy shop! You have so many beautiful new pieces to list! Each involve so many great techniques - and all in your own signature style. I think my favorite are the enameled earrings. They look like real attention-getters! :-)

  4. Wow, you have been busy busty, and the results are fantastic! Love all the color you are working with, green tones make me wild! These are fabulous!