Monday, October 3, 2011

Show Recap

My dear...October came roaring in! We went from shorts and t-shirts on Friday to jeans and sweaters on Saturday. This totally threw me for a loop! I had a show on Saturday and dressed for the 65 degree weather, not considering the wind and froze. But at least shivering burns calories, right?

The show was more of a craft fair/family day. There were not a lot of sales, but I did get some commissioned work. I had the opportunity to talk to people I haven't seen in a while, as well as people I see regularly, and met a lot of new folks. It was a spendid community affair. One lady, relinquished her beloved shell that she picked up from her trip to Hawaii. She explained to me how special the shell is to her and entrusted me to create a simple pendant for her. It's going to be bezel set, I'm excited (and nervous) about creating something special for her...I'll be sure to share the outcome. One of the few sales was this ring that I recently finished.

Arizona Flower - Dinosaur Stone & Turquoise set in Sterling Silver

This was my first experience trying to set two stones on one piece. Of course it was my new favorite! It's not perfect but I put it out none the less and it was the first to go! I have a feeling I'll be creating some more similar to this ring.

There is another local show to look forward to this coming weekend. I've done this show before and typically it's pretty good. They do a great job with PR, and once again I'll get to see myself and my work, in the local paper. This is great, considering the holidays are coming!

As the shows wind down for the year, I look forward to getting out into my shop and being able to create at my own free will, without wondering if I have enough pieces to present. Of course, then I have plenty of time to test drive a new favorite too.


  1. Lovely!!! Great job. Look forward to new creations. Good luck on the show too! Riki

  2. Your ring rocks Shelby! is GORGEOUS!!! I love that it has two stones, and the design is so unique...really beautiful!

  3. My stars, but that is a beautiful ring with lovely balance of shape and colour.

  4. Your love for silversmithing is so obvious! You do amazing work and I can't wait to see what you do with the shell.

  5. Good for you and beautiful work, Shelby. I love it... the ring is earthly with lovely details!