Monday, February 27, 2012

Redo or Not to Redo? That is the Question.

What to do with pieces that have been hanging around for to long? Every year I go through the inventory to make a small collection of work that for whatever reason, whether it be price or style, has not sold. I get tired looking at the same thing over and over, so if there is a piece that has been around for over 18 months, typically it ends up in the "rethink" tray. Luckily, not too much ends up in this pile. Most of the time, once a piece has been revisited, and I've worn it around for a little while, I'm happy to disassemble it and rework the components into something new. However, occasionally I'm left pondering what to do with a piece, such as this necklace.

I've worn this necklace around for a couple weeks now, and I love it! Of course I'm probably a little partial. There are a great array of colors, so it will go with lots of warm rustic colors, browns, oranges, and even greenish turquoise and it wears great! So the only thing I can figure is it's price or maybe the slightly looking clumsy focal. What to do? What to do?

It's not like a need another piece of jewelry, but this one's a keeper. I'll wear it to shows and out and about around town, basically just enjoy it! The though of putting it in the redo pile is crazy, in my mind.

So what do you do with the pieces that have taken up residence?


  1. I usually keep them, or disassemble the whole thing. Not every piece is destined for dale. Your piece is so gorgeous, keep it for yourself!

  2. Hi Shelby
    It's lovely - leave it as it is!

  3. This is lovely and I wouldn't be tempted to re-do it - just to wear it.
    Having said that I love the fact that jewellery can be re-done without the loss of too much in the way of materials. So many hobbies produce something that just gets stored in the loft if it doesn't work (thinking of my collection of half-knitted sweaters!!).