Wednesday, February 29, 2012

52 Pairs of Earrings & BTW

This is my 7th pair of earrings for the 52 Pairs of Earrings a Year group. These were created on one of those days when I really didn't know what I wanted to do. There were lots of silver discs already punched, so they got domed and soldered together. Only the concave area is patinaed with silver black. I really like the contrast, except that some of the patina must have chipped/flaked off in the tumbler. If you look real close you can see where the silver is shining through the dark. No problem, I'll just reapply, carefully. Overall, I love how they turned out considering my state of mind that day.

Moving on...

This is today's bead mat. You'd never know it but there is lots going on on this bead mat, hence the mess:) Today I brought some "stuff" inside to work on. It was super chilly in the garage, a nasty rainy day, and there was lots to do in the house. I stole away to the table several time to work on projects in between doing my house work and other errands. All in all it worked pretty good, but I will be so excited when it warms up and I can work out in the garage without freezing. Plus, no fire in the house unless it's a butane torch:(


  1. these are awesome! rainy and cold here today too...

  2. Wonderful earrings, Shelby - your smithing skills are inspiring!
    I can hear you on the studio cold topic - while we were experiencing our extreme cold spell, I couldn't get my studio warm either. I am so glad the temps are mild here now and I am sure they will warm up for you soon too.

  3. We need to swap weather! It's too hot for me to solder in the garage I can't do it at all :(