Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Own Challenge

Did you get around to visit all the wonderful artists participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party? I didn't participate this time...whaaaaaaa! I didn't even sign up to participate:( Don't know why I do this to myself! I make my mind up that I'm not gonna do it, the deadline passes, then...I wish I had. Buyers remorse, or in this case remorse for not buying. But alas, I still hopped, I'll admit I didn't get through the whole list, still working on it.

Instead I created my own little challenge. The challenge was to pick out some beads that have been hanging around for a while and use them. Making the choice of what to pick was difficult enough, as I have a whole stash that need to be destashed. Finally I choose a wonderful set of lampwork beads.

image from beeboo

Gorgeous right? I love these beads! But there is one problem, they are pastel. I don't do pastel, way out of my comfort zone. And yet I continue to purchase pastels, what is wrong with me???

Finally, after much hand wringing and grumbling to myself I emerged with this bracelet. I think I did the beads justice and the bracelet is perfect for spring. 

Must remember to challenge myself more often.

So here is my question to you...
Do you purchase pretty beads? Even if they are a color palette that poses a challenge to you?


  1. I do:-) And the bracelet is perfect!

  2. Gorgeously unique bead choice! They were definitely worth stepping out of your comfort zone. :D

  3. I always buy beads that hang out with me for a loooong time! I think we buy beads that we don't usually work with because we appreciate them for their beauty.
    I don't do the bead soup party either, I think I am the only one. With a full time job, and never knowing when I will feel well, I don't want to commit, but it is really a famous thing now, and congrt's to Lori for organozing such an event.
    Your bracelet is really gorgeous Shelby...so pretty!

  4. Just beautiful Shelby - I love the colors! I can't tell you how many beads I have sitting around that are in color combinations that I don't usually use. That being said, I am going to learn from your example and 'challenge' myself to use up the beautiful beads I've been hoarding before I buy more. Maybe. OK, I will. Try.

  5. Pretty! They may be pastels, but they're nicely saturated, and you did a great job combining them into a beautiful piece.

  6. Yes, of course I buy beads that are a color challenge for me but if they're pretty, I'm tempted! In fact, I bought a pendant today that is SO not me, but I couldn't help myself...
    Your bracelet is gorgeous and something I'd wear in a heart beat!