Monday, October 12, 2009

Wrapping Up Outside Shows

My show on Saturday...well it was a...wet success. Wouldn't it figure no sooner had I gotten there and unloaded my stuff it started to rain. What a bummer! My tent, table covers, displays, and me, all wet, luckily I hadn't gotten my jewelry out yet! So I waited patiently, hunkered down under my dripping tent for the rain to pass and debating with myself....What should I do?? I remained optimistic that the rain would pass and it would turn out to be a nice day....After about 15-20 minutes it did stop raining, I dried everything off as best as I could, with a still dripping tent:( and got right to work setting up. I was so discouraged...this was my last outside show for this year and typically if it's overcast, threatening rain, people just don't come out for an art show. However, I was pleasantly surprised! After a really slow start in the A.M., people started to come around in the late morning, early afternoon. Even though it was still raining off and on and it was a tad windy.

My Booth~ Almost dried out...notice the wet table cloths

The show was fun though and I would do it again given the less than desirable conditions. I had more time to socialize with people that were at my booth, meet some great artists, and all around just had a great matter the crappy weather! When I was packing up, of course it was raining lightly, so on Sunday I had to drag my tent out and let it dry. I also sprayed it heavily with Scotchguard, hopefully that will prevent the dripping in the future in the event of rain. Any other suggestions? But, as of now I have retired my tent to the back of the garage for this season, not to see it again until next summer.

Still, two more shows lined up for this year. One a holiday faire is in 4 more weeks and the Studio Tour in 6 weeks, both inside. I still have a great deal of work to do to get ready for the Studio Tour. One because it is at my home, and I want to work on the landscape a bit, and because I can't present any jewelry that has any "production" components. None the less I'm really excited about the Studio Tour even though people will not actually see my garage...I mean studio...


  1. I can't wait til I have the time to do fairs and shows. Also can't wait to read about your next few!


  2. awww what a shame the weather was against you! good thing you were still about to carry on with the show, im glad it all worked out in the end! good luck with the future shows!

  3. Happy to hear your show went well, despite the weather! I have one on Sat., indoors, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good sales. Thank you for all the sweet comments on my means a lot to me!

  4. Oh that is a bummer about the rain! Sounds like you made the best of a bad situation tho. Glad to hear that the next 2 shows are inside!

  5. Mother nature just isn't there for us when we need her sometimes. But I guess things worked out well in the end. Your tables look great, very clean but well stocked. Good luck on your inside shows coming up.