Friday, October 29, 2010

The Hunt...

I don't know about where you are, but I'm SO glad fall has returned here. We had a couple of pretty, warm days for the end of October, so warm in fact that I threatened several times to turn the A/C back on. But alas, today is a wonderfully, crisp fall day. Which makes for perfect pumpkin picking weather and a scavenger hunt in the maze.

For those who don't want to get their feet dirty...

Of course, we want to pick our own...

After much deliberation...I think she finally found one

And look, aren't they the cutest, little pumpkins ever...

Have a great weekend & Happy Halloween.


  1. Cute!
    We have beautiful weather here too today, and I am so glad. Done with summer, ready for sweaters!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. I agree it is nice to have fall back!

  3. Cute pumpkin hunters! The weather here (Frederick)was gorgeous, too! It needed to cool off! Love the pictures of your fam.

  4. Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

  5. There's nothing like a day at the pumpkin patch! I love that about Fall too. I hope the kids had a great Halloween yesterday!

  6. Darling pictures and narrative!

  7. Sweet! We didn't get pumpkins this year for some reason. And Zack never liked Halloween or trick or treating, either! Go figure. Huh. If there were toys involved, now....