Monday, November 8, 2010

Lots of Happenings

It's gonna be a busy month, but exciting! Typically November is busy anyway, the holidays are right around the corner, lots of activities going on at school, and preparing for the "grand finale"...the final art show of the year, the Southeastern Delaware Artist Studio Tour. And, this year there are a a few additional activities/events that I want to participate in.

If you're a follower, then you know that I'm a real list maker. I've got reminders and "to do" lists,  in the areas I "hang out" the most. This helps keep me focused, as I do not work well under pressure. This is my calendar, it's just scratched out on a piece of scrap paper and posted on my "inspiration" wall in the workshop. This is a countdown until the studio tour, and other important dates listed on a post-it right next door.

Stephanie Lee's Homesteader's Metalsmithing e-course starts today. I'm totally stoked about taking this course! There are so many techniques that she will be teaching and lots of support from the Yahoo Group. So far there is a lot of positive energy among the "students," everyone is really excited to be getting started. If you haven't signed up yet and want to, registration is open until Nov. 15. It's sure to be a lot of fun! is sponsoring a "What Inspires You" contest. The idea that inspiration can be found anywhere. Just submit a photo of your inspiration and your finished piece by Nov. 22, 2010. This is one that I'm wanting to take part in as well. Check it out...there are BIG prizes up for grabs!

These are just a couple of the multitude of things that will be keeping me busy this month. Maybe I'll see you in the Homesteader's class or your creation in the "What Inspires You" contest.


  1. I'm doing Stephanie Lee's class, too, although I'm probably going to be one of those that has to catch up after Christmas!

  2. Hi, Shelby. I'm a list maker as well and have studio tour this weekend. Unfortunately, the list is lost. Need that pin board! I'm doing Stephanie's class as well so I'll see you around.

  3. I want to do Stephanie's class too....there are too many things to do, maybe I should give up sleeping!

  4. I'm in Stephanies class as well. See you there and have a very successful season!