Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Earrings and BTW

I might slip out without wearing a necklace or bracelet, but not earrings. The earrings go on when I get dressed and come off at bedtime. Just can't live without them! So, this would explain why I love to create earrings, they are a major part of who I am.

Beachcomber Earrings - Humblebeads, Seed beads, & Oxidized Copper

Salt Air Breeze Earrings - Lampwork & Oxidized Copper

Are you noticing a pattern here...aqua, copper? Funny how I can grab similar colors in the same day.

This is my bead table today. More of my favorite colors!

Look for the finished bracelet to make an appearance soon.


  1. My favorite colors too, and these earrings are gorgeous!

  2. I just love the design of those beachcomber earrings.