Monday, May 9, 2011

Giving Back

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to donate an item for a silent auction to benefit La Red. It's impossible to contribute to every organization that requests a donation, although I try to give as much as possible, even if it's a small item.
For this event, I've donated these two pair of earrings.

These earrings were a treat to create. I was totally entranced once I began...forging the metal, adding texture, the beads, and the curly vine, everything just flowed.

These are just a simple pair of enameled earrings.

Contributing is a great way, for me as an artist, to give back to my community. I'm honored to be asked, and happy to contribute. Hopefully, these earrings will help in La Red's fundraising efforts.


  1. They're lovely - I'm sure they'll gets lots of bids for big money!

  2. very pretty gifts/contributions. It always feels good to give :)

  3. I would happily wear either pair. Very nicely done!

    And I agree - I often cannot contribute cash, but am happy to donate my time, and my creative energy.

  4. Shelby, you are so generous and your new earrings are really gorgeous. Each so different and full of amazing techniques. I'm so amazed at your jewelry!

  5. I love both of the earrings, especially the copper pea pods. I know La Red will really appreciate them.

  6. I love those copper pea pods!