Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Follow Up

Every once in a while, I get half crazy, rip my house apart, so that I can clean, sort and most important throw away! That's where I am right now, so no Bead Table Wednesday today. Instead I thought I'd share the bracelet I finished from last weeks BTW.

Waters Edge - Lampwork & Turquoise Bracelet

Now, back to work! My house might not be noticable clean when I finish, but at least I'll feel like I got something accomplished when I haul out the trash:)


  1. That is a really pretty bracelet I love the colors you chose, the chartreuse really compliment the turquoise.

  2. I love the sea-green/Spring colors in your bracelet.I am with you in the house sorting/clearing out department. I think my girls go "oh no, Mum's at it again!" When you have a small house some things just HAVE to go.